Walker Mowers

Experience Walker’s Signature Beautiful Cut

Walker is different for the right reasons.

J.M. Hayden Equipment LLC in Newfield, NH is proud to Sell and Service the Walker Brand. We have everything from Commercial to Residential Lawn Mowers and all the add-ons to go with. With Walker and our knowledgeable staff, we can cater to a wide variety of needs and lawns. Contact Us today or stop by our showroom for a demo on a product that gives beautiful results.

Find Your Perfect Type Of Walker Equipment

  • Model S

    Model S Series

    The Model S is the perfect starter mower for experiencing Walkers signature beautiful cut and productivity. It is engineered for affordability and efficiency.

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  • Model C

    Model C Series

    Model C has a very narrow and compact design making it easy to get in and out of places that would be inaccessible to other Mowers. Obstacles are no problem with the Model C.

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  • Model T

    Model T Series

    When it comes to the standard for what Commercial Operators expect from their lawn mower, The Walker Model T Mower is the go-to. It is designed for fast and easy mowing even with the most demanding expectations of Operators.

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  • Model D

    Model D Series

    The Model D is the only diesel-powered Walker Mower equipped with the Walker Grass Handling System. Compatible with almost all the Walker Mowing Decks and add-ons and features a utility dump-bed in place of the grass catcher.

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  • Model B

    Model B Series

    Like no other mower in the mid-size, zero turn class, the Model B is agile and demonstrates impressive hillside performance. With four unique configurations with a variety of add-ons and fuel options, there is a Model B suitable for any situation.

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  • Model H

    Model H Series

    With the standard Grammar Suspension Seat and an optional Power Tilt-Up deck lift, operators can mow all day in comfort even in Rough Terrain.

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